Monday, December 9, 2013

Frequently Asked Medicare Questions

Le canal de demande a dépassé le délai imparti en attendant une réponse après 00:01:00. Augmentez la valeur du délai d’expiration transmise à l’appel à Request ou augmentez la valeur SendTimeout sur Binding. Le temps alloué à cette opération fait peut-être partie d’un délai d’attente plus long. AppId is over the quota I will be happy to answer questions about Medicare. If I don’t have the answer, I will research it for you or provide you with resources that are credible and up to date. If the answer to your question is of interest to other readers, I may post it as a FAQ or in my Blog or newsletter.Although I may not always be able to advise you about your specific health insurance situation, I can let you know some of your options and how to find the information you need.You also can get some of your Medicare questions answered directly from the “horse’s mouth” at the Medicare Support Center.Resources:Do you have questions about Medicare? Are you having a problem with Medicare coverage or a Medicare claim? Not sure where to turn?Medicare Questions and Problems: Where to Get Help will show you the six best resources for answering your Medicare questions and resolving your Medicare problems.

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