Thursday, December 12, 2013

New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise!

 I saw this earlier this morning and had to let you know about it…A drug known as SR9009, which is currently under development at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), increases the level of metabolic activity in skeletal muscles of mice. Treated mice become lean, develop larger muscles and can run much longer distances simply by taking SR9009, which mimics the effects of aerobic exercise.If similar effects can be obtained in people, the reversal of obesity, metabolic syndrome, and perhaps Type-II diabetes might be the very welcome result.Read more… Miracle pill that helps you lose weight without exercise? Has science really discovered the answer?Well at this stage, who knows?However, while mouse trials are obviously a very early step, this is an interesting development. And of course, even it “worked” in humans, I can’t imagine how a drug like this could ever eliminate the need for, or the benefits of, exercise. Question is… would you take it? And if you would, would you stop exercising?

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